The True Meaning of #iamstatera

Day two of our Kickstarter campaign is underway and already, you've raised almost 10% of our goal! Thank you to everyone sharing the #iamstatera story and donating to our campaign. We are filled with gratitude. 

Today, we'd like to share a message from our Executive Director, Melinda Vaughn. #iamstatera is the hashtag we're using to accompany our social media campaign. Statera is derived from the Latin word for balance. So when you share #iamstatera, what you're really saying is I AM BALANCE. Beautiful, right? In the personal video offering below, Melinda expands more on this theme.

Please join us by printing out the #iamstatera sign below and posting a photo with our hashtag and your definition of Statera. Thank you for your support. Gender balance is possible - together we can make positive change!