Stretch Goal Announcement | $12,000

WOW, friends. Statera Foundation's Kickstarter campaign is now officially funded! You have raised $1,630 plus dollars today and we are gobsmacked! AMAZING! Thank you for your incredible support. And many of you increased your original donation to make it happen. Again, thank you. 

We still have two days of our Kickstarter campaign left. Let's really make it count by reaching for an exciting "stretch goal"! Statera is in the process of developing our Outreach & Education program. This will entail curricular development as well as bringing on a new team member to run and sustain the program. Our new GOAL is $12,000. Let's spend the last day reaching for an addition $2,000 beyond our original $10,000 to support the Outreach & Education effort. 

Again, we are filled with deep gratitude to everyone who made this possible. Ready, set, $2000 stretch! WE CAN DO IT!