Intimacy Directors International Offers Dec. 10th Workshop in Oklahoma City


Intimacy Directors International (IDI) is a non profit dedicated to safe, authentic, and dynamic scenes of intimacy on stage and screen. Their work has been steadily growing since its inception - being featured in The NY Times (among others) with work intimacy directing at the Stratford Festival, Yale School of Drama, and a number of other Universities and Theaters across the country and in Canada.

IDI's next 2-part workshop for directors and choreographers interested in Intimacy Director training will be in Oklahoma City. This workshop is offered in conjunction with Oklahoma City's Fresh Paint Performance Lab.

From IDI's event page on Facebook:

Intimacy for the Stage for Actors and Performers

December 10th: 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

$100 or $75 for IDI Members

We will examine IDI's Four Pillars of Intimacy Standards and Protocol by applying them to safe and repeatable exercises. Only guided exploration, no improvised intimacy. Kissing isn't required. As a performer, you will be provided with tools to find chemistry quickly and safely onstage, secrets to portraying sexual vulnerability without mingling actual romantic feelings with a partner, and tricks uses to make the choreography feel and look less rigid. (Directors can choose to observe this workshop for free if they are attending the second workshop)

Intimacy for Directors and Choreographers: The Pedagogy behind the process

3:00 to 6:00 on December 10th

$125 or $100 for IDI Members

We will be using information and experiences from the previous actor workshop as pedagogy tools to improve and explain techniques, and I will be sharing IDI's protocol and standards so that participants can bring the information back to their respective companies. This approach is meant to provide a standardized method to prevent trauma and harm during rehearsal and performance processes. Although the title refers to Choreographers and Directors, all areas of theatre focus are welcome, especially Stage Managers.

Light snacks and drinks will be offered, due to the short dinner break between classes. To reserve a spot, and for more information: email Tonia Sina at