We are now StateraArts!

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Statera announced an organizational name change at their national conference last month. If you’ve been watching Statera’s social media accounts you may have already seen signs of the new name and logo. Below, you’ll find a personal letter from Statera’s Executive Director Melinda Pfundstein with news of the name change. You can still find Statera across all social media platforms at the links blow:




Melinda Pfundstein announcing the StateraArts name change at Statera’s National Conference in Milwaukee.

Melinda Pfundstein announcing the StateraArts name change at Statera’s National Conference in Milwaukee.

A letter from Statera's Executive Director, Melinda Pfundstein:

Hello Friends!

It is an exciting time at Statera, and we are thrilled to announce that due to expansion and refinement of the mission, vision, and scope of the organization, Statera Foundation is transitioning to StateraArts.

This expansion means broadening our reach from a national to international scope. This means expanding from Theatre as our foundation, to UPLIFT, AMPLIFY, and ADVANCE women* toward gender balance in all the Arts. It also means better serving the holistic woman artist in their quest for balance and rewriting the narrative for women artists from one of scarcity and limitation to one of expansion and opportunity.

This expansion means Statera sees you. Statera hears you. Statera knows that achieving gender parity in the arts requires that we all step in to make more space, think outside of the box, and practice radical listening and learning. StateraArts is making lasting change -- and all through a solid lens of great compassion and care. 

The rapid growth of Statera is due in large part to our generous donors, to the past three years of tireless work from an all-volunteer team, and finally to the generosity, vision, and mentorship of Martha Richards, Executive Director of WomenArts, whose challenge gift of $25,000 was successfully matched. We are deeply grateful to Martha, and to all of you, who have said yes to Statera by so generously giving your time, expertise, and financial support.

Statera’s expansion includes the launch and growth of exciting programs, some years in the making and some new additions:

Statera is actively forging pathways for women artists and creating tangible resources to achieve gender parity in the arts. The real power in this work exists in the women doing it and gender allies using their power to forge or hold open doors. It is in YOU. It is your experience, your expertise, your knowledge, your artistry, your courage, your time, your authenticity. Your power. You are Statera. We are Statera. StateraArts is here to serve you. 

Yours in Statera (balance), 

Melinda Pfundstein
Executive Director

* We use an inclusive definition of women. "Women" includes anyone on the gender spectrum who identifies (either always or some of the time) as a woman. This includes TGNC / transgender and gender non-conforming people.