SWAN Day 2019 is Coming!


As part of our ongoing efforts to increase the visibility of women artists, StateraArts puts the spotlight on women artists every March and April through Support Women Artists Now Day.

Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day is an annual international celebration of women’s creativity and gender parity activism.

In June 2018, WomenArts announced that StateraArts would be the new organizers for SWAN Day 2019! StateraArts is passionately dedicated to intersectional gender parity in the Arts and is thrilled to usher in a new era of SWAN Day. 

Left: Martha Richards, Executive Director WomenArts. Right: Melinda Pfundstein, Executive Director StateraArts

Left: Martha Richards, Executive Director WomenArts. Right: Melinda Pfundstein, Executive Director StateraArts

Martha Richards, Executive Director WomenArts and Melinda Pfundstein, Executive Director StateraArts met in October at Statera's National Conference in Milwaukee, WI to convene with SWAN Day organizers from all over the world for this historic SWAN Day transition!

When announcing the transition, Richards said, “I have been looking for someone to take over SWAN Day for the past three years and I pitched StateraArts because they are based in various locations, they are committed to the same values I am. We treat each other with respect, they are a great team and they are well connected with artists all over the world. The important thing is they will carry the spirit of SWAN Day forward.” 

You can read more about this gathering in Nikoleta Morales’ article for FF2 Media HERE.

Are you ready to host your own SWAN Day Event?

Below you'll find everything you need to plan and manage your 2019 SWAN Day Event. Please join StateraArts and countless women* artists from all over the world for SWAN Day 2019!

Looking for SWAN Day ideas? There are lots of ways, large and small, to make an impact on SWAN Day!

  • Organize Arts Events for SWAN Day – There have been over 1,900 SWAN Day events in 36 countries in the past 11 years. Join the fun by organizing an event in your community! Remember to add your event to the SWAN Calendar!

  • Host a SWAN Day Party – Gather friends at your house to talk about ways that you might help the women artists in your community. Invite local artists to speak at the party. Screen films written and directed by women to show at your party. Ask everyone to contribute some amount of money and then make a group decision about which artist/s you want to support.

  • Introduce Students to Women Artists in the US & Elsewhere – If you are a teacher introduce your students to women artists. Don't know any women artists? Contact us! Perhaps we can organize an international pen-pal or exchange program!

  • Donate to Your Favorite Women Artists – If you love seeing the work of a particular woman artist, send her a check on SWAN Day to help her make more art.

  • Host a play reading with plays by women and non-binary artists! The Kilroys List or the New Play Exchange are great places to find new plays by women!

  • Post on your social media feed about your favorite woman artists and encourage others to do the same (#SWANDay2019)

  • Write letters to your local arts organizations asking that they feature more women playwrights, poets, painters, choreographers, directors, etc. Artistic Directors need to hear from the public!

  • In fact, you can start a letter writing campaign on behalf of women artists. Send them to Artistic Directors, State Representatives, Galleries, etc. Create a template letter and share it with your friends. Let’s raise our collective voices on behalf of women artists everywhere!

  • Share your own ideas in the comments section of this post!

If you have questions about how to participate, or you’d like to speak directly to the StateraArts SWAN Day coordinator, please contact us at swanday@stateraarts.org.

*Women: Statera recognizes the limiting nature of the binary use of woman. We serve and welcome anyone on the gender spectrum who identifies either always or some of the time as a woman. We also serve and welcome those who identify as nonbinary.