Spoken Soul Festival 2019 Features Phenomenal Artist Line-Up

Spoken Soul Festival, the flagship event for SWAN Day Miami, boasts a powerhouse line up of women artists this year. Now in its twelfth year, Deborah Magdalena has built an ambitious three-day spoken word festival in celebration of women artists in Florida. The theme this year is #WordIsBond. Magdalena says, “#WordIsBond explores how in the digital age words have no boundaries and comments on how, because of this, words are more powerful than ever before in our history.”

Spoken Soul Festival kicks off on March 22 from 10 am - 1 pm,  with a SWAN Community Program. The SWAN team, made up of SSF alumni and organizers, is hosting a cash prize Youth Poetry Slam competition with VIP judges, in conjunction with and held at the Miami Dade Public Library Main Branch. There will also be a mystery poetry scavenger hunt with prizes sponsored by ICA, MOCA, and YoungArts. This free event is open to the public and features SSF alum 13-year-old DJ Slaya spinning classic hip-hop.

On March 23, join SWAN Day Miami for the Spoken Soul Festival 2019 main event! The open admission showcase will experience the rich cultural diaspora that they have come to expect from the SSF’s signature event: women dancers, poets, visual artists, vocalists, and a female DJ, all representing different cultures and unique voices. 

Join the Miami community for the Annual Vanessa Baez Memorial Women’s Brunch starting at 11am. Thie brunch provides a moment to remember the short life of Vanessa Baez, a mother, daughter, and sister who demonstrated extraordinary courage while battling sarcoidosis. Each year this brunch fosters a growing sisterhood of creative and inspiring women in Miami joined together while “Celebrating Everyday Women With Extraordinary Courage.” 

Spoken Soul Festival 2019 Featured Artists from left to right: Munirah Rimer, Ronavia Williams, Angie Lopez, Habian, Perla Gonzalez, Esther Rose McCant, Jarbath Art, Cheri Vice, Alana Da Costa, and Reshma Anwar. Not pictured: Beláxis Buil, Jacquea Mae, Dynasty Steppers, Sharonda ECCentrich Richardson, and Alejandra Romero aka DJ Musicat. (Photo by Moment 77)

Spoken Soul Festival 2019 Featured Artists from left to right: Munirah Rimer, Ronavia Williams, Angie Lopez, Habian, Perla Gonzalez, Esther Rose McCant, Jarbath Art, Cheri Vice, Alana Da Costa, and Reshma Anwar. Not pictured: Beláxis Buil, Jacquea Mae, Dynasty Steppers, Sharonda ECCentrich Richardson, and Alejandra Romero aka DJ Musicat. (Photo by Moment 77)



Perla Gonzalez, a Miami-based poet, was born in Cuba as the daughter of a singer and guitarist. She will be performing at Spoken Soul Festival with her grand daughter Angie Lopez. When asked about her intention for performing at Spoken Soul Festival 2019, she says she wants to inspire young women. She says, "There is no age to love, to laugh, to create, to write or to be an artist! Just do it!” Read more about Gonzalez’ journey on the Spoken Soul Festival website.


Sharonda ECCentrich Richardson was born and raised in Pompano Beach Fl. Where she founded and hosted Cuisines & Poetry, in Pompano Beach, FL. She proudly hosts shows from poetry, to fashion shoes, workshops more throughout the Broward County. As a poet, she has graced the stages of over 45 venues from Florida to California and is currently the 14th ranked female poet in the world according to her placement during the Women of the World Poetry Slam. More about her work on the Spoken Soul website.


Munirah Rimer is a Batik artists and educator. Her business, Teratai Malaysia was born out of Rimer’s desire to share her Malaysian culture and explore the world of batik. Rimer teaches batik painting to students in her home studio as well as various venues (art studios, retirement communities, offices, private homes) primarily in South Florida – including Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach. Learn more about her work on the Spoken Soul website.


Alana DaCosta is an interdisciplinary artist who uses various mediums as a creative community builder, artist activist, singer/songwriter, musician, and poet. Alana’s eclectic music blends neo-soul with jazz, reggae, hip hop and a drop of funk. She says, “My music and expressive art initiatives will inspire the minds, hearts and souls of people across the world, and will ignite change, social responsibility, awareness, and our purpose to live life freely, without regrets and without bounds.” More about DaCosta’s work on the Spoken Soul website.


Ronavia Williams is a poet and a mother. Her work is focused on the art of becoming whole. Through her spoken word poetry she encourages her audience to believe that they have the power and ability to rediscover themselves in a new light. This year at Spoken Soul Festival, she’ll be sharing her work “Come Forth: An Untold Story”. Learn more about Ronavia Williams on the Spoken Soul website.


Reshma Anwar was born and raised in Leipzig, Germany. She graduated from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons.) in Dance and a minor in Music Business, Entrepreneurship and Technology in Music. At UArts she worked with various choreographers including Kim Bears-Bailey, Roni Koresh, Iquail Shaheed, Douglas Becker and Sidra Bell. During the Summer, she volunteered to teach dance in Jamaica and Haiti. More about her work on the Spoken Soul website.


Cheri Vice is a visual artist and muralist who recently created a 210 x 5-foot mural for Briar Bay Park in Miami. Aided by local teacher, Jovany Corzo, and several local middle and high school students, Vice’s tireless work to beautify the park has had a deep impact in the community. A local, whose house neighbors the park said, “The mural really brings the area to life. It’s just so beautiful!” To read more about Vice’s Briar Bay Park mural, visit the Spoken Soul website.


Jacquea Mae is a singer, actress & creative artist. She is known for her powerful, soulful & from the gut performances. Jacquea has also starred as Alberta ‘Pearl’ Johnson with actress Julie Beroes in Black Pearl Sings, under the direction of New Horizons Theater in 2013 and once again, as Bessie Smith in Queens Of The Blues last year. In 2016 Jacquea Mae released her first EP, ‘The Makings Of Me’. She also teaches young artists with 1Hood Media. More about her work on the Spoken Soul website.


Angie Lopez is an 18-year old spoken word artist. Her writing deals with themes of heritage, identity, gender, and social issues affecting minority and youth voices. She believes spoken word more than any other medium serves as a bridge connecting people both to their own voices and to the narratives of others due to the medium’s intrinsic vulnerability. Learn more about Lopez’ work on the Spoken Soul website.


Haibian is a poet and author. Performing since the age of 18, Haibian’s interest has always been in the captivation of her listener’s attention with topics that are for the everyday person. She also focuses on staying true to her LGBT community. Learn more about Haibian’s work on the Spoken Soul website.


Beláxis Buil is a performance artist. Her creative practice integrates looming topics needing urgent discussion in human rights advocacy, women and gender issues, identity politics, and the crisis of human conditioning, weaving poetic and absurd arrangements of sculpture, installation, video, photography and choreography into provocatively bold and challenging environments where the public and objects become a part of the narrative. More about her work on the Spoken Soul website.


Esther McCant is a poet from Miami, Florida. Her family emigrated from Port-au-Prince, Haiti over 30 years ago. When she is not creating, “journaling”, or snapping pictures from her life, she lives her life’s dream of helping families thrive as a doula and certified lactation counselor. She says, “Doing birth work is an art because I am helping mothers have their babies in a way that is visually beautiful and emotionally empowering.” Learn more about her journey on the Spoken Soul website.

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Katiana “Jarbath Art” Smith is painter based in Palm Beach County. Using bold colors, Smith paints the African Diaspora, more specifically, people of Haitian descent. Her artwork focuses on facial expressions and the stories that people tell through their eyes, poise, and features. Smiths desire to paint people of color stems from her upbringing but now serves as a political statement, a reminder that the African Diaspora has a place in the American story. Learn more about Jarbath Art on the Spoken Soul website.


Alejandra Romero AKA DJ MUSICAT was born in Venezuela and lives in Miami. Her DJ style is a result of blending old school with new school, with large and varied influences from 70’s, 80’s and 90’s dance music and Latin beats, bringing decades of joy to her crowd. She says, “Music inspired me to work in the entertainment industry for more than 25 years. MUSICAT is a tribute to my loves: Music, My Cats, My Country and ALL those who have dared to pursue their dreams.” More about her work on the Spoken Soul website.

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