SWAN Day Connecticut: Artist Profiles


Now in its 12th year, SWAN Day Connecticut brings trailblazing women artists together for a multi-genre music and arts festival. This one-of-a-kind event attracts people from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. SWAN Day CT founder and organizer, Jennifer Hill, says, “This is really about women’s empowerment in the arts. We are giving them promotion, we are sending them to radio stations, we’ll play their music on air. It’s really a big effort to push everyone who’s involved for that year to help them gain recognition for their art work and their music.”

Hill, who attended Statera’s National Conference as part of the SWAN Day Convening in 2018, is a staple in the Connecticut music scene. Her work as The Murderous Chanteuse is a vehicle for self discovery and Hill hopes that SWAN Day CT inspires other women artists to be themselves and take space.

Besides the musical acts, SWAN Day CT features burlesque artists, live body painting, fashion collections, and arts vendors. At the end of the event, participants are invited for an onstage dance party led by DJ Breakadawn. Kiersten Sieser, front-woman of the psychedelic folk-rock band Tiny Ocean, says, “SWAN Day is more than just an event—I feel like it’s a philosophy,”

SWAN Day CT is happening on March 30th at Trinity on Main in New Britain. Doors open at 5pm. For more information and tickets, please visit www.swandayct.com.


Scarlett (Photo by Mandi Martini)

Scarlett (Photo by Mandi Martini)

Introducing Swan Scarlett of Sarajuana.

Scarlett 17 years old and this is her third time playing the Swan Day CT Music/Arts Fest.

Sunny days, break ups and life choices. Sarajuana brings nostalgic vibes and relatable poetry to whoever needs it. Her songs are all uniquely put together for you as the listener to understand the raw emotions conveyed  - resulting in a better understanding of what it’s like growing up as a young adult in today’s society.

Listen here:


HannaH’s Field brings love, spirit, and organic fresh flavor to the people with their "modern hippie Rasta folk". In a time where connections are made with clicks and tweets, their songs encourage people to lead with their hearts and love their brothers. Nominated best female vocalist in the Hartford Advocate for many years, this powerful songstress, HannaH, has shared the stage with such great acts as the Average White Band, the Brothers Johnson, Gov’t Mule (members of the Allman Brothers Band), Derek Trucks, Donna Jean (from the Grateful Dead), the Samples, Percy Hill, Spiritual Rez and Sound Tribe Sector Nine. They have performed at such venues as Toad’s Place, The North West Organic Brewers Festival, Pearl Street Nightclub, Woodstock Reunion at Yasgurs Farm, Unifier,  the Bite of Oregon, and Ziontific Music Festival. 

Listen here: www.hannahsfield.com

Jennifer Hill (Photo by Mandi Martini and Dress by Kristin Costa

Jennifer Hill (Photo by Mandi Martini and Dress by Kristin Costa

Murderous Chanteuse (Jennifer Hill) mends broken hearts with glitter glue, rage, and a dance beat. She gives a compelling musical voice to the urge for justice and healing that fuels her activism as organizer of SWAN Day CT.

“Killing songs since the day she was born” is the motto of Murderous Chanteuse. She is not a femme fatale but a femme vitale, distilling hope and energy out of the darkness. Hill’s  point of view includes her own experience as a domestic abuse survivor, as well as with PTSD from earlier traumas, so what she’s sharing through music is heady, honest, and intimate. Turning struggle into something beautiful is the impetus behind SWAN Day CT.

Listen here:  www.murderouschanteuse.com

That Virginia (Photo by Mandi Martini)

That Virginia (Photo by Mandi Martini)

That Virginia is a reminder of what it means to be fearless - an invitation to follow your bliss. The songs are a discussion on the urgency of experiencing life, with a hint of infectious empowerment.

Virginia offers thought provoking lyrics and peculiar melodies, while delivering a rich performance that hits softly in the audience's emotional gut, bringing tears, joy, happiness, and sorrow, quite often in one punch. Born and raised in Sao Paulo, Brazil, she brings the tropical warmth of her roots to her genre-bending performance, while singing about the truth of emotions, humanity, and other oddities.

Listen here: www.thatvirginia.com

Kierstin Sieser   (Photo by Mandi Martini)

Kierstin Sieser (Photo by Mandi Martini)

Kierstin Sieser is the lead singer-songwriter of the band Tiny Ocean, which has a dreamy, noir Americana sound. Sieser is joined by Jeremy Coster on guitar, Keith Newman on bass and Jon Morse on drums.

Their debut album “Sometimes You’re Right” was chosen by the Hartford Courant as one of the top 20 albums by Connecticut artists in 2018 by the Hartford Courant. The New Haven Independent says the songs “feel lived in, pared down to their essence, no words wasted. Every song has a line to bring you up short...like a hook in the skin.”

Listen here: www.tinyoceanband.com

DJ Breakadawn (Photo by Mandi Martini)

DJ Breakadawn (Photo by Mandi Martini)

DJ Breakadawn (Dawn Melesko) has been heating up the turntables at Swan Day CT Music and Arts fest for the past 5 years!! A staple in the dance music community since the early 2000’s, Breaka Dawn has been representing the female DJs with style and grace in New England and beyond. She has held several club residencies in Connecticut, and has DJ’d at a variety of night clubs, art shows and festivals around the country. Her captivating sounds span from infectious dance grooves to body rocking breaks with hip hop influences.

Listen here: www.soundcloud.com/breakadawn

Nicole Ma Guerrero (Photo by Katrina Kelly)

Nicole Ma Guerrero (Photo by Katrina Kelly)

Nicole Ma Guerrero is the artist behind the SWAN Day CT poster. Known as Nixie Pixie, Nicole has been drawing since she could hold a paintbrush. Nicole says, “My sister Claudine was the one who taught me how to draw the shapes and curves of a woman and I never stopped drawing women ever since. I love drawing the flow of the hair and the shape of the eyes and the lips and putting life and color into what I do. I, of course, also draw men but I find women more challenging and fun to play around with in terms of color and design. My art is a huge representation of who I am as a person and it will definitely be growing and improving as I do.”

Learn more about Nicole’s artwork on Instagram.

Mandi Martini (Photo by Luke Haugwout)

Mandi Martini (Photo by Luke Haugwout)

Mandi Martini is the official photographer for SWAN Day CT. When she is not out making Swans look  gorgeous she is shooting bands, celebs, the Air Force Academy (she does their graduation photos), and all kinds of events from the mundane to the insane - doing it all while driving her bad ass car and wearing cheetah print.

Learn more here: www.facebook.com/mandimartiniphotog


Kaylee Doll is a body paint specialist, and she will be painting live at Swan Day CT. She specializes in a wide range of themes; anywhere from fantasy to horror. She has brought to life many body paints for special events, competitions, and photo-shoots. Kaylee is sought after for music video special effects makeup. She runs her own business, Kaylee Doll's Extreme Makeup, and also manages the makeup department at one of New England’s largest haunted attractions, The Haunted Graveyard. Kaylee travels across the U.S. for various artistic opportunities.

Learn more here: www.facebook.com/Kayleesextrememakeup