Why Do You Statera?


Dear Statera Community,

I Statera. The verb. I am Statera. I am balance, yes. But I also create balance. I build pathways. I am a pathway. I disrupt oppressive systems. I innovate solutions. Yes, I take up space and hold the door open for those behind me, but I also kick the door down for women around me to do the same. For me. For you. For longevity and relevance of the arts, which I love. For my three daughters.


We are asking the growing Statera community to share about what it means to be a woman today. What messages do you receive about being a woman. About women around you? How do you disrupt oppressive systems?

Common themes arise. Whether told directly or implied, the message has been that women must play small, be quiet, and compete for space and opportunity. The result? A common feeling of being alone in the journey.

We believe that isolation is a lie. Statera consciously chooses community and collaboration over competition. We actively create pathways for women artists to advancement and full participation in the arts.

Today we launch our second $25,000 matching gift campaign thanks to the trust and generosity of Martha Richards and WomenArts. Every dollar is doubled. Every dollar counts.

Three ways to give.
100% of all donations directly serve Statera programs:

  1. Visit StateraArts on Facebook

  2. Visit our website at www.stateraarts.org/donate

  3. Send a check to:
    755 S. Main St., Ste. 4 #281
    Cedar City, UT 84720

Isolation is a lie. We invite you to help us prove it.

Yours in Statera, (balance)


Melinda (she/her)
Executive Director

Supporting and donating to StateraArts is deeply personal. We all have our reasons for being a part of the Statera community. This summer, we’re asking that you share your “why” with us. Why are you an agent of change in the gender parity movement? Tell us why you support StateraArts. What about the Statera community feeds your soul? Why does gender equity in the arts matter to you? Why Do You Statera?

Share your story on social media using #WhyDoYouStatera.

Share a photo on social media of you and your work
in the arts with a story using #WhyDoYouStatera.

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