International Mother Artist Day is August 2nd


Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate! International Mother Artist Day is Friday, August 2nd! Originally founded by the Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) and the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival (PWTF), International Mother Artis Day is a time to celebrate and support mother artists everywhere!

In a recent PAAL blog post, Executive Director Rachel Spencer Hewitt says, “The goal of International Mother Artists Day is to form community and find strength in relationship. We network to increase opportunity and gather resources, and from those joys we can create art, opportunity, and supportive solutions.”

Origins of International Mother Artist Day

In 2018, the PAAL joined forces with the Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival for the first Motherhood Reading Festival, which featured four days of four mother directors, four mother playwrights, themes that integrated motherhood, and theatre programming for children on-site simultaneously with the reading series for parents to be able to attend with their families.

During the 2018 festival brainstorming sessions, one of the initiatives floated was “International Mother Artist Day,” where the hashtag #intlmotherartistday was used across the world on social media to celebrate the mother artists we are, the mother artists we know, and/or the mother artists who inspire us – all on one, explosive, empowering, and united thread.

More about Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival

The 2019 Philadelphia Women’s Theatre Festival is happening August 1-4 at the Arden Theatre Company at the Hamilton Family Arts Center. PWTF fosters and encourages women in the performing arts by offering unique opportunities for exposure, professional, artistic and personal development and a platform for performance. For the full schedule, please visit

Get Involved!

Join PAAL, PWTF, StateraArts, and countless other arts organizations on InstagramFacebook, and/or Twitter by celebrating yourself, a mother artist you know, and/or a mother artist who inspires you! We’d also love to know your insight as an ally or parent to the reality of being a mother artist. Thank you for supporting parents, for celebrating with us, and for looking out for ways to change the way the world for the better for mother artists everywhere. See you there!




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