Families Welcome at Statera National Conference

Photo from StateraConII in Denver, CO. Photo by Malloree Delayne Hill of MDH Photography.

Photo from StateraConII in Denver, CO. Photo by Malloree Delayne Hill of MDH Photography.

Families Welcome

StateraArts is nationally known for taking positive action to bring women* into full and equal participation in the arts. And fulfilling this mission means creating pathways to success and advancement in the arts for caregivers and parents. Statera believes that all professionals with caregiving responsibilities should be treated as artistically viable, professionally capable, and deserving of structural support for access, equal employment, and promotion opportunity.

That is why the Statera National Conference is a families-welcome space! We’re not talking about simply being “family friendly”, we’re talking about proactive access and inclusion for parent artists. Statera’s 4th National Conference is happing October 26-27, 2019 on the campus of City College of New York in Harlem, NYC.

Family Room

This year, we are working in close partnership with the Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) to make sure our parents have what they need at conference. We know that many theatre artists, particularly women, are juggling their professional lives with the needs of their families (we can relate!) To help ensure that you won't need to choose between attending the conference and caring for your little ones, we will have a Family Room** available for any attendees needing to bring their infants or small children with them to conference. This room will be equipped with private space for nursing and pumping and plenty of room for little ones to get the "wiggles" out!

Free to nurse where you like

In addition to full use of our Family Room, anyone attending StateraCon may bring their small children into the sessions with them as they see fit. Also, please feel free to breastfeed in any of the sessions. And if you need to leave the session for any reason, you’re welcome to return at your leisure.

Free to bring another caregiver

We'd like to add that any attendee wishing to bring a babysitter to conference with them to attend to their kiddos while they attend sessions is welcome to do so without registering and paying for their babysitter. Simply note the names of your children and their babysitter when you complete your conference registration and we'll print name badges for your family group so that they have easy access to you during conference.

Alexana Stavros attended Statera’s National Conference in 2016. In the video below, she tells a personal story about attending StateraCon with her baby.

Partnering with PAAL

Looking to coordinate childcare during conference or want to connect with other parents at the conference? Statera and the Parent Artist Advocacy League (PAAL) are here for you you! Please reach out to our liaison Rachel Spencer-Hewitt directly at www.paaltheatre.com/contact for more information. There is also a place in your conference registration form to note your needs. We can’t wait to meet you and your family at StateraConIV in New York City!

*Women: Statera recognizes the limiting nature of the binary use of woman. We serve and welcome anyone on the gender spectrum who identifies either always or some of the time as a woman. We also serve and welcome those who are non-binary.

**The family room will not be staffed by StateraArts personnel and children may not be left unattended at any time.