Jason Brown  |  Breakout Session

Jason joins Lydia FortAmy Smith, and Sam White for a session called "Moving beyond multi-culturalism: social justice activism within organizations"

About this session: For decades arts organizations have said they want to be multicultural, yet most were passive in their efforts to change. The one “person of color” play and the “token” staff member continued to be the norm. It has become clear that structural change within the organization is critical. In addition to examining decision making and culture, deeply embedded beliefs and values need to be addressed on the individual level. How can we help organizations become transforming institutions where diversity, in all its forms, is viewed as an asset and policies and procedures are intentional in creating full participation of all? Please join this team of artEquity alums as we discuss how to create structural change to build fully inclusive arts organizations.

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About Jason

Jason Brown, who became the Guthrie’s Education Director in 2016, has more than 20 years of classroom teaching, arts education and curriculum design experience. Before joining the Guthrie staff, Brown worked to grow and develop Project SUCCESS, a Minneapolis-based youth-development organization that provides arts-related activities that help students develop life-skills and confidence so they are more successful in school and prepared for life after graduation. As their Director of Curriculum, Brown wrote and published the Project SUCCESS Curriculum Guide, Grades 6-12 and strategized the programs growth into new markets. In theater, Brown has worked throughout the Twin Cities as a dramaturg, set designer and technician, co-founding Emigrant Theater, a company dedicated to developing new voices for the stage, and Literary Manager for Outward Spiral Theatre Company, a company focused on producing theatre from a Queer point-of-view.