Education & Training

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Artistic Directors of the Future 

Artistic Directors of the Future is the UK’s first organization dedicated to creating change at leadership level in mainstream theaters. We work with a wide range of culturally diverse directors at varying levels of experience to inspire, prepare, support and empower the next generation of artistic leaders giving them the leverage they need to progress to the next step.

Intimacy Direction

Intimacy Directors International

IDI believes that scenes of Intimacy must be handled in a professional manner that adheres to the highest standards of artistry and safety. The choreography of these scenes must accurately tell the characters' stories, as intended by the writer through the interpretation of the director and the actors involved, while respecting the physical and psychological safety of all involved.

Theatrical Intimacy Education

TIE is a group of consultants, researchers, educators, and stage movement specialists, developing and teaching best practices for staging theatrical intimacy. Theatrical Intimacy Education works to empower artists with the tools to ethically, efficiently, and effectively stage intimacy and sexual violence in educational theatre.

Fight Choreographers

Society of American Fight Directors

The SAFD is an internationally recognized non-profit dedicated to promoting safety and fostering excellence in the art of stage combat.Theatre Specific Resources

Intervention & Awareness Training Resources


artEquity offers training and consulting services to individuals and organizations on creating and sustaining a culture of equity and inclusion through the arts and culture. Training topics address structural and systemic issues of identity, power-sharing language and communication, team building, and strategies to initiate and normalize equity-based approaches in organizational and community culture.

Bringing in the Bystander

This prevention program emphasizes a bystander intervention approach and assumes that everyone has a role to play in ending violence against women. In addition to the prevention goal, the program has a research component which seeks to measure the effectiveness of the prevention program with different constituencies.

Creating Safe Spaces

Creating Safe Spaces helps Organizations , Creative Leaders and Communities learn and develop best practices with issues surrounding Sexual and other workplace harassment from an Artist Specific and Supportive Perspective. Working specifically with Theatre Companies, Colleges, Festivals, Dance Companies, Music Venues and other Creative Non Traditional Work Environments & Spaces to help train, coach and foster open dialogue, policy and guidelines surrounding the prevention of Sexual & other work related Harassment.

Center for Anti Violence Education

For the past 43 years, CAE has run comprehensive violence prevention programs for individuals and organizations.Through a combination of education, physical empowerment, advocacy and leadership development. CAE works with marginalized communities to break cycles of violence.


Founded in 2006 by Daniel Banks, Ph.D. and Adam McKinney, M.A., DNAWORKS is an arts and service organization dedicated to furthering artistic expression and dialogue, focusing on issues of identity, culture, class, and heritage. DNAWORKS applies its award-winning arts process to develop and create dance, theater, and film to promote dialogue-based social justice action and community building with academic institutions and community organizations across the U.S. and in fifteen countries. DNAWORKS believes art = ritual = healing = community and that this philosophy and practice lead to a more peaceful and understanding world. 


Hollaback! partnered with the bystander program Green Dot to develop tools to help you intervene when you see harassment happen on the street and in other public spaces. You can make a choice to actively and visibly take a stand against harassment. The Five D’s are different methods you can use to support someone who’s being harassed, emphasize that harassment is not okay, and demonstrate to people in your life that they too have the power to make the community safer.

EEOC Respect in the Workplace

The training program focuses on respect, acceptable workplace conduct, and the types of behaviors that contribute to a respectful and inclusive, and therefore ultimately more profitable, workplace. The program is customizable for different types of workplaces and includes a section for reviewing employers' own harassment prevention policies and procedures.

Peacock Rebellion

Peacock Institute for Social Transformation (PIST) trains QTPOC activists, community organizers, and the cutie down the block as cultural organizers for collective liberation.


Traliant is a leading provider of online sexual harassment training experiences that motivate employees to act ethically, to speak up and prevent harassment and discrimination, and help promote positive, respectful workplaces.