Rona Figueroa  |  PERFORMANCE

Statera Foundation is excited to host the inaugural performance of, "The Red Thread", created and performed by Christine Jugueta, on Thursday, October 4, 2018. Christine will be joined by Rona Figueroa (Guitarist, Vocalist), Penny Larson (Drummer, Percussionist), Suellen Primost (Cellist), Eileen Rivera (Director), Belinda Yamate (Vocalist, Dramaturg, Co-Producer).

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About Rona

Rona Figueroa is a Russian doll born to immigrant Filipino parents who settled in San Francisco.  At her first opportunity, age 20, she ran away to Chicago for a musical theater stint, then was lassoed to New York City where she has remained captive for over two decades.  Like the famous "Valjean Val", she has tried to escape multiple times, but the artistic police keep recapturing her (she wishes they used golden cuffs, but alas!). She resigns to these shackles...for now.  Music available on Spotify as Quasilulu, but complete albums on iTunes.  Blogs available: is one.  Acting not always available; live theater fleeting.  Currently performing in Leonard Bernstein's Peter Pan inside a Frank Gehry structure at Bard College.  More info at: