Adriana Gaviria  |  Breakout Session

Adriana joins Rachel Spencer Hewitt for a breakout session called "Motherhood and Leadership: Initiatives for Upward Mobility"

About this session: Beginning with a brief overview on the research data articulating family as a liability and obstacle for women in leadership, directly contributing to gender inequity in artistic and administrative representation and leadership, this presentation provides resources on issues such as how to identify discrimination, develop protocols to reduce it, and create replicable initiatives to better ensure a work-life balance that serves healthy retention of parent artists in the field.

Adriana will also join Hannah Fenlon, Nataki Garrett, Elena Chang, and Karena Fiorenza for a breakout session entitled, "Asking the Other Question: New Frontiers for Leadership and Organizational Culture".

About this session: In the 1990s, critical race theorist Mari Matsuda challenged activists and progressives to "ask the other question" when trying to "understand the interconnection of all forms of subordination." For instance, Matsuda writes, "When I see something that looks racist, I ask ‘Where is the patriarchy in this?’  When I see something that looks sexist, I ask ‘Where is the heterosexism in this?’” In our approach to truly equitable theatre leadership, this practice is essential. How are we reinscribing harmful systems of oppression in our hiring and recruitment, org charts, and professional development?  Are we recreating the old familiar hierarchical power structures that were present in our first jobs or our academic experience?  And how might we move past or transcend this thinking, creating new leadership and organizational models that embrace our field's full spectrum of humanity? This panel of thought leaders will discuss how they're approaching or would approach this charge, and will lead a full group discussion in which we will  collectively envision a new truly inclusive future for the American theatre.


About Adriana

Adriana Gaviria is an actress, voice-over artist, writer, advocate and creative producer. She is founding member and artistic producer of The Sol Project, lead producer for Sol Fest 2018, TV producer and World Theatre Map ambassador for HowlRound and serves on the 50 Playwrights Project National Advisory Board and on the steering committees for both the Parent Artist Advocacy League and Latinx Theatre Commons.