Kevin Kantor  |  Breakout Session

"Breaking The Binary: Creating & Upholding Spaces for Trans and Non-Binary Theater Makers On Stage & Beyond"

About this session: In recent years, trans and non-binary characters have gained a growing presence in mainstream film, television, and theatre, and with this presence has come the burgeoning conversation as to how theatre institutions (of all sizes) can effectively and responsibly serve trans and non-binary artists. Let’s discuss the micro and macro of it all: from pronouns, gender-inclusive facilities, and workplace culture to the intersection of queer and performance theory; all while examining at what turns we operate in service to the gender binary out of convenience, thus, excluding certain artists from the conversation and doing a disservice to our greater community. For some, this session might be a vocabulary lesson (that’s okay); others might pick up useful gender-inclusive practices to implement in the classroom, conference room, or rehearsal studio. For some, this session might challenge their understanding of gender, period. How can we rethink the ways in which we view the role of gender in performance and storytelling to offer more equitable opportunity to artists, create inclusive environments, and broaden our understanding of one another both in the theatre and in the world at large.  

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About Kevin

Kevin Kantor (They/Them) is a genderqueer non-binary director, actor, and performance poet working to challenge, deconstruct, and reimagine traditional semiotics of gender on stage and in performance. Kevin is an alumnus of the Actors Theatre of Louisville’s Professional Training Company and acted as a company member for the 2016-2017 Humana Festival of New American Plays. Selected regional credits include The Hippodrome State Theatre (Florida), Island Shakespeare Festival (Seattle), Iowa New Play Festival, Cherry Creek Theatre (Denver), New York Shakespeare Exchange, and The 24 Hour Plays (New York). Television and New Media credits include American Crime (ABC); People You May Know, PHASES (BuzzFeed Motion Pictures) As a poet, Kevin’s writing, which explores topics related to queerness, gender identity, rape culture, and survivorship, has been featured in Button Poetry, Teen Vogue,, and The Huffington Post, with over 17 million collective online views, and in the anthology We Believe You: Survivors of Campus Sexual Assault Speak Out (Holt Paperback). Their collections include Endowing Vegetables With Too Much Meaning and Please Come Off-Book: Poems & Plays.  @Kevin_Kantor