Kyla Kazuschyk  |  Breakout Session

Kyla will be joined by Camilla Morrison for a session called "Creating Spaces! The Power and Possibility of Devised Theatre"

About this session: The process of creating and sharing devised work contains incredible potential for propelling us all toward gender parity and toward a myriad of other intersectional goals.

In this workshop, we will share lessons learned through our practice in devised theatre as performers, creators, designers, and collaborators.  Time will also be given to brainstorming: to exchanging existing ideas and devising new ones together.

The thesis project for the MFA in Performance program at Louisiana State University is to create a one-person show. Students are responsible for the entire piece—from choosing a concept and writing a script to directing, performing, and assembling design elements. Stories can be personal, creative, historical, or a combination of these. This type of autonomous and independent storytelling allows each person to find and share their voice, and trains them in a variety of skills useful in the world beyond university. In this workshop, we will teach from the experiences of a few women who have undergone this journey.

The worlds of dance, physical theatre, interactive and immersive installation art, and loosely scripted or non-scripted theatre provide opportunities for truly collaborative environments, where everyone’s voices can be heard. Through the lens of our experiences in the roles of writer, director, costume designer, costume shop manager, and cutter/draper on a number of recent devised works, we will share concrete strategies for overcoming fear, diving in to the unknown, and emerging as driving forces toward a more balanced and equal world.

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About Kyla

Kyla Kazuschyk holds a BA in Theatre from the University of Central Florida and a MFA in Costume Technology from Ohio University. She has created costumes for the Santa Fe Opera, the Washington National Opera, the Florida Grand Opera, the Colorado Shakespeare Festival, and for the past 6 years, the Texas Shakespeare Festival. Kyla currently teaches costume technology courses and manages the costume shop at Louisiana State University. Previously, she spent 7 years teaching, designing, and serving as the Costume Workroom Supervisor at the University of Central Florida.

Professional costume design credits include The Book Club Play, Disgraced, and The Mountaintop at Louisiana's Swine Palace Theatre. Passionate about the possibilities of devised theatre, Kyla designed and created costumes for Savage/Love, a work of physical theatre performed at the 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Love and Information, a semi-devised piece performed at Louisiana State University. Kyla's research on the rewarding chaos of devised theatre has been published in the 2017 Theatre Symposium. Kyla enjoys creating costumes for competitive dance troupes and uniforms for the dance teams of professional basketball teams of the Orlando Magic and the Detroit Pistons. She is an active member of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology, and proud to serve as the chair of the Cultural Diversity committee for the South Eastern Theatre Conference.