Penny Larson  |  Performance

Statera Foundation is excited to host the inaugural performance of, "The Red Thread", created and performed by Christine Jugueta and directed by Jacqueline Stone on Thursday, October 4, 2018. Christine will be joined by Belinda Yamate (Vocalist, Co-Producer), Emily Kneisler (Stage Manager, Production Assistant), Grover Hollway (Sound), Magdalena Sustere (Cellist, Bassist), Marcya Daneille (Vocalist), Mitch Shiner (Vibraphonist, Percussionist, Bassist), Penny Larson (Drummer, Percussionist) and Stephanie Lippert (Keyboardist, Vocalist).  

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About Penny

Penny Larson is a professional musician, music teacher, and lay leader at The Crossing, an experimental Episcopal worship community in downtown Boston. She is a former camp counselor and sometime accidental political activist. She began drumming when she was three, began teaching drums when she was sixteen and went on to major in composition at Berklee College of Music.

Penny was instrumental in organizing The Crossing’s community efforts to help pass transgender civil rights legislation in Massachusetts. She worked for four years with transgender and gender variant youth as a counselor and activity leader at Camp Aranu'tiq. She has led and been a member of several panels, speaking to groups of parents, trans kids and the public about issues faced by trans individuals. She was also the lead organizer and producer for a video documentary of the work of The Crossing to support the transgender community in Massachusetts.

Penny’s performance career includes drum set and percussion appearances in many diverse styles including rock, folk, jazz, worship and theater. She is currently performing with her progressive instrumental rock band “Hypaspace” and as a member of the music worship team at The Crossing.