Stephanie Lippert  |  Performance

Statera Foundation is excited to host the inaugural performance of, "The Red Thread", created and performed by Christine Jugueta and directed by Jacqueline Stone on Thursday, October 4, 2018. Christine will be joined by Belinda Yamate (Vocalist, Co-Producer), Emily Kneisler (Stage Manager, Production Assistant), Grover Hollway (Sound), Magdalena Sustere (Cellist, Bassist), Marcya Daneille (Vocalist), Mitch Shiner (Vibraphonist, Percussionist, Bassist), Penny Larson (Drummer, Percussionist), Stephanie Lippert (Keyboardist, Vocalist), and Kiki West (Videographer).

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About Stephanie

Stephanie Lippert is a Milwaukee pianist, bass trombonist, and singer-songwriter. She has worked as a musician in Milwaukee since 2010. Currently, she works with the Latino Arts String Program, plays piano for two churches, accompanies a children's choir, and serves on the board of the Civic Music Asssociation. In addition, she runs sound at the Jazz Estate and plays in 3 bands: Brew City Big Band, Milwaukee Jazz Orchestra, and a 7 piece, all-woman band, Ruth B8r Ginsburg.