Shellen Lubin  |  Breakout Session

"365 Women a Year: a Playwriting Project"

About this session: We will explore and discuss the importance and value of both: reading and producing historical works by women that have been ignored by traditional producing organizations (both professional and academic); and reading, writing, and producing modern works that are about historical characters (both real and fictional) who have been ignored, or have had critical aspects of their lives ignored by the same producing organizations. As writers and directors, how do we present these voices, visions, and perspectives in ways that are challenging, accessible, and aesthetically rewarding? This is not about history, it is about perspective and voice, and the way that our theatre history has ignored huge swaths of perspectives and voices.

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About Shellen

Shellen Lubin works professionally as a Songwriter, Playwright, Director, and Actor/Singer. Her songs have been featured on radio and cable TV, in Milos Forman’s first American film, Taking Off, in numerous cabaret acts including her own, and in a one-hour special on WBAI-FM, Shellen Lubin - Songwriter/Singer. Her plays have been produced and workshopped at Manhattan Class Company, the Public Theatre, Pacific Resident Theatre, West Coast Ensemble, and more. Shellen has directed across the country, and is the resident director for the Bistro Awards. She also teaches and coaches actors, singers, and writers both privately and as a guest artist. As the Artistic Director of Untold Stories of Jewish Women, she helmed a three-day theatre festival at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in March 2018. She serves as the 1st Vice President of the Women in the Arts & Media Coalition and chair of the Women Playwrights Initiative for the National Theatre Conference. Her reflections on artistry and life have been featured in five cover pieces for Back Stage Publications (archived on her website) and are read weekly in her Monday Morning Quotes think-pieces ( Proud member of DG, SDC, AEA, and the League of Professional Theatre Women. Full bio, resume’, pictures and more: @SHLubin