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Another Experiment by Women Film Festival: Screenings

  • Anthology Film Archives  32 2nd Avenue New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)


DATE: March 27, 2019 at 6 PM


COST: $8

GESTURE— a group screening, centering on the body & mind, curated by Lili White

CONNEXION; Hind Saâd; France; 2.03
Through the rhymes of a nursery rhyme, this video experiences "the life inside" , when "the roses are red" and split, when the medication doubles as addiction, when the cerebral wiring becomes other.
ARTIST STATEMENT; Shayna Connelly; USA; 5.15 The artist fights for her voice in a world that doesn’t want her to speak. She risks her work being dismissed and herself declared “complicated”, “uncertain” or “irrelevant” unless she can define herself within a certain category. Only when her work is validated by a male authority does the work gain notice.

ANXIETY; Müge Yildiz; TURKEY; 3.00 Life goes on. And we are always like images in this life. When I was looking for my own existence in the streets, in the city that I live in, I found only one thing and that was just a feeling. And this feeling has been just an anxiety. This has been a part of my daily life, confronted me with mundane images that I encounter every-day. As an image, myself, was involved in mundaneness. I had only one chance and that was to be able to choose a companion; the poems of Henri Michaux (Waiting, Small, Cursed, A Lost Man). I read them and added them to the noise music I made.

TRAVERSE; Natasha Maidoff; Lizard: Eugene Ahn; The Voice by Hanna Elias; Music by The Big Bang Theory; USA; 2.33 An experimental short about the elusive nature of love. Shot in Joshua Tree National Park in California.

BECOMING; Ariel Teal; USA; 8:03 Embodying a body after trauma. Blowjobs, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and memory are interwoven in attempt to process and find bodily autonomy. A collage of my youth, sexuality, violence, and the desire to understand current self in the context of personal history. Emojis burst, pixels blur and Buffy dances the night away with her new best friend.

WE'RE ALL CONNECTED; Naz Shahrokh; United Arab Emirates; 5.26 This work explores the concept of "we’re all connected"—this to me is vast and fluid. In this little world of ours, we’re all connected, spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Nature and mankind are intertwined at the core. One action offers a reaction, both positive and negative. This connectedness can be both instrumental in the act of doing good, and providing kindness and care, as well as in the reverse if our actions are derivative of the opposite energy in negativity and selfishness. Being interconnected is both hidden and concealed, and it is when one quiets the mind and heart that it can be felt.

STAMMERINGS OF THE CONSCIOUSNESS; Elia Shewionkova; MEXICO; 15.00 The geography of fear. Rivers and mountains of desperation. Will which transforms fear into a topography of flesh. The sound of human experience of excess taking the plastic form of red.

The near-madness delirium turned into hair in motion and lines on the painting. The violence of eroticism that travels through needles pierced into the skin of fruit. The chaos of life that smells like blood which ants devour. The piece is built as a map drawn by the lines of inner exploration.
It’s a kind of deep dive into inner experience that seeks to explore ever deeper.. Seeking new geographies, hues, shapes, allowing them to be displayed with more and more complexity. It’s an exploration process of patterns operating in the psyche, looking to make them become experiences that are no longer mere repetition, a strong desire to stop living a scripted life.

It is the attempt of a curatorship of living phenomena, always changing, hazardous, unpredictable. The film is recorded by an “companion” device, as is the mobile phone nowadays. The phenomena depicted are random, unique; they are in constant change and require to be documented instantly.
TERESA; Tânia Dinis; PORTUGAL; 4:37 The fragmented image of an intimate record. The impression left by moments forgotten in time, but ready to emerge from oblivion to enable the telling of a possible story: the story which we want to behold.

VENUE: Anthology Film Archives, 32 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10003 USA

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