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Women + Playwrights Symposium

  • TBA Baton Rouge, LA (map)

EVENT: Women + Playwrights Symposium

DATE: March 30 from 1pm - 4pm


COST: Free

Support Women Artists Now Day is an international holiday designed to showcase the power and diversity of women’s creativity.

Now in its second year in celebration of SWAN Day, Jackie Vanderbeck hosts a collaborative afternoon of women+ playwrights. It's an opportunity to expand our awareness of plays by women+ so that we may be ambassadors and advocate for female voices in the arts. There will be snacks, wine, and treats for a casual and festive afternoon!

Your ticket to the party:

1. Pick one female playwright to share. It can be someone whose work you admire, someone you wish you new more about, or someone you don't know. When you pick your playwright POST IN DISCUSSION so we don't have duplicates.

2. Bring some information about this playwright, example: their bio on their website or wikipedia page, and their list of known works.

3. Select a few pages/or scene from one of their plays that we can read allowed.

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VENUE: TBA, Baton Rouge, LA