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Live From ?


EVENT: Live From ?

DATE: April 28, 2019


COST: Free (this is an online event)

To celebrate spring, on April 28th, Cathy and Company will present "Live From ?". "Live From ?" is a dance improvisation in an outdoor sculpture. Please tune in to our live stream to watch us create dance magic "on the fly". We'll be dancing in a pipe structure called “Pedestrian Permeable Architecture” created by Aaron Jones. The sculpture is located at CMAP which is house in Hamtramck, MI which has been repurposed as a theater venue. CMAP is run by actress and puppeteer, Carrie Morris. Cathy and Company is a Detroit area dance duo better know as Cathy Taister and Malachi Lee. "Live From ?" will be wild, unpredictable and fun. Hope you'll join us!

VENUE: Online - Live Stream