Statera Mentorship | Frequently Asked Questions

How does Statera create mentor / mentee pairs?

We take great care in the Pairing Process and will not Pair you with someone unless we think it will be a good fit. We’ve had great success matching Pairs using your initial intake form and survey. Sometimes personalities don’t mesh; interests change or a relationship isn’t established. We encourage each mentorship relationship to meet at least twice before determining that the fit isn’t right. Our Regional Coordinators will be available to facilitate and navigate should any communication issues arise between mentor and mentee.

Once I’m paired with a mentor / mentee, how do we begin?

Statera works closely with your Regional Coordinators to provide rules of engagement. You’ll receive talking points for the First Meeting where mentor and mentee should be ready to discuss their answers to the following questions:

  1. Why did you choose your desired field?

  2. How would you describe your relationship to the artistic community?

  3. What would your career (trajectory) look like if you had no limitations?

  4. What are the challenges you feel are holding you back?

  5. Why did you sign up for this Statera Mentorship?

Statera encourages you to take the time to discuss these questions and others that will likely follow. This will help build a strong foundation for moving forward.

Statera also provides a checklist with actionable “next steps” before you end your First Meeting. As you move forward with the mentorship process, it is important that together you establish clear plans with tasks that assist the mentee with achieving their goals. The mentor should support the mentee in following the established plan, providing feedback, and holding them accountable.

Be prepared to be flexible if things change. Take the time together to evaluate what works and what may need to be altered to affect positive change. Celebrate the success and evaluate the challenges.

If you find that you are faced with roadblocks in moving forward in your relationship/process or have questions about how to proceed, please feel free to reach out to our team for support. Email your Regional Coordinators or and we will be there to help. We will also be reaching out during the process to check in and see how things are going.

How does the mentorship CLASS come to a close?

When you enter the fifth month of your program (the program is six months), take the time to discuss together where you are.

  • Have you accomplished the skills/goals you established at the beginning?

  • If not, what has stood in the way of making this happen?

  • Have you accomplished more than you set out to do?

  • Where have the two of you been most successful as a team?

  • Where could you have made improvements to strengthen the relationship?

When the mentorship program ends, we will reach out to you with an anonymous survey for feedback on your individual process as well as your thoughts on Statera Mentorship in your city. We are an organization dedicated to growth and we welcome your insight.

How does Statera fund the program?

Statera charges a $30 fee per class (6 months) to mentees. This fee, which comes out to $5 dollars a month, offsets some of the operational costs of the program, like web and email infrastructure (Squarespace), data tracking (Salesforce), and communication tools (Mailchimp and Zoom). Other operational costs are covered by donations and grants.

Why do you only charge mentees?

Statera Mentorship is comprised of volunteers. The success of this grassroots movement is founded on the generosity and good will of our mentors. Mentors have the option of matching their mentee’s $30 fee with a donation, but it is certainly not required. Mentors are already donating their valuable time and hard-earned expertise to create pathways and opportunities for growth, achievement, and success. Statera deeply values their contribution. Our mentees pay a nominal $30 fee so that Statera can create a strong infrastructure for the program’s success and longevity.

How do I start a chapter in my community?

Please visit for more information and to submit an inquiry with Statera’s National Mentorship Co-Directors.

Can I follow you on social media?

YES YES YES! Follow Statera Mentorship on Facebook!

CAN I buy a gift Mentorship for someone?

Absolutely. Right HERE.