Kara Penrose  |  Breakout Session

"Fighting for Our Safety- Self Advocacy in Theatre"

About this session: This session combines a stage combat presentation and workshop. It focuses on how members of the theatre community can and should advocate for a safe and respectful environment. It also is designed to encourage women to consider studying stage combat as a theatrical endeavor. 

In theatre, women are the ones most often on the receiving end of staged physical violence or intimacy. It is especially important for women to know how to advocate for their safety and personal dignity when approaching physically violent or intimate scenes.  

This session will cover the following: 
-When a fight director or intimacy director is needed.  
-How to prepare and approach intimate and/or violent scenes.  
-The role of giving and receiving consent in physical scenes. 
-Tips on how to advocate for yourself or others in situations you feel are unsafe.  
-When to use contact vs non-contact combat. 

The workshop portion will teach some basic unarmed theatrical violence techniques. The participants will learn to recognize safe stage combat procedures and execute some key techniques. These include: slaps, pushes, and hair-pulls. Since men and women tend to fight differently, the workshop will address these tendencies. It will illustrate when having a women’s perspective can be beneficial.  

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About Kara

Kara Penrose is a Milwaukee based stage combat instructor, theatre teacher, and fight director. She holds a BA in Theatre from California State University East Bay and is a recognized stage combat instructor with Dueling Arts International. Kara loves empowering others through the art of theatrical violence. One of her goals as a combatant is to advocate for safety within the theatre community. Her work focuses on safety, partnership, and theatricality in order to create the illusion of violence for stage. In her career she has taught stage combat at schools, community theatres, and professional workshops throughout the U.S. She has served as a fight director for over 15 theatrical productions.

To find out more, please visit http://karapenrose.com/