Emily Ritger  |  Breakout Session

Emily is joined by Anne Walaszek for a session called "Artistic Midwifery - Reimagining the Creative Process"

About this session: The Midwife Network was formed to explore the ways we can nurture the artist and cultivate new work. The Network is a circle of peer support, advocacy, and accountability. Each individual in the network commits to serving as both a midwife and an artist for a nine month term. The goal in these relationships is to create space for seeds of artistic projects to grow, change, and deepen. This process is guided by a philosophy of generosity, curiosity, and making the artist the authority in the room. We are nourished through service, find art in everyday life, and inspired by witnessing one another’s work. Join us for a conversation about community, art, and service.

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About Emily

Emily Ritger is a director, playwright, and maker based in Chicago. As a teacher and director developing new work, she has worked for American Theatre Company, Redmoon, Cleveland Public Theatre, Northlight Theatre, ChiArts, and The New Harmony Project. While Ritger’s focus is in ensemble based work, her diverse training includes Viola Spolin Theatre Games, Viewpoints, Puppetry, Contact Improv, writing and music. Her work draws from her experience of growing up in small town Wisconsin. It celebrates rural america - its voice, land, dialect, sense of community and the people who carry on the traditions and way of life inherent to living off the land. Current projects include Eva Luna, an ensemble generated work based on The Stories of Eva Luna by Isabel Allende. Behaymas, three humans and one animal blur the lines of domesticity, a collaboration with Berlin-based writer, Aliza Bartfield. Aurora Road, a trilogy exploring rural mysticism. She is the founder and Artistic Director of The Midwives, a network of artists fostering new work from conception to birth. She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence College and a BS in Theatre and Philosophy from the University of Evansville.

You can find more information at emilyritger.com or themidwives.org