Maggie Rogers  |  Breakout Session

Maggie is joined by Sage Martin for a session called "Fat Discrimination in the American Theatre"

About this session: The only widely accepted form of discrimination right now in American is sizeism, particularly fat discrimination. The session will explore how the theatre reinforces these poisonous ideologies and will offer solutions to repair the damage has been done and also to prevent discrimination in the future. Rogers and Martin, who met in playwriting class in high school and have collaborated ever since, will discuss their approach to size blind casting and how they have combatted fat shaming in their professional careers and lives. The session will ask the questions: Why do we only see smaller figures in leading roles? Why are the only roles for larger people based on the characters need to lose weight/self-loathing? Does "type" in casting genuinely exist, or is it something created to box in storytelling and actors?


About Maggie

Maggie Rogers is a Seattle based director, dramaturg, and fat activist who proudly hails from Louisville, Kentucky. She is the Literary Manager and Resident Dramaturg at Washington Ensemble Theatre, a company member with The Horse in Motion, and the Resident Dramaturg for Cherdonna Shinatra's compnay, Donna. Before moving to Seattle to complete the Literary Apprenticeship at Seattle Repertory Theatre, she obtained her degree in directing from Columbia College Chicago and graduated as the class Valedictorian of 2014.