Frannie Shepherd-Bates  |  Breakout Session

Frannie is joined by Nichole Frederick and Jessica Hoolsema for a breakout session called "Defying Conventions: Artists in Prison (and Beyond)"

About this session: Why Shakespeare? What’s in it for these incarcerated women? When you bring yourself -- past, present, and future -- to a role, how relevant is gender? Two alumni and the director of Shakespeare in Prison explore these questions and more.

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About Frannie

Frannie Shepherd-Bates is the founder, director, and lead facilitator of Shakespeare in Prison (SIP), a program of Detroit Public Theatre. She began SIP (under the auspices of Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company, which she led from 2008-2014) as its sole volunteer facilitator and administrator, personally handling every aspect of the program. Since those early days, Frannie has worked with the women’s ensemble — and now the men’s as well — to develop the structure, objectives, and pedagogy of the program; developing a culture of warmth, openness, professionalism, and dedication. In 2015, the program moved from Magenta Giraffe Theatre Company as it dissolved to Detroit Public Theatre as it was founded.

As a freelance director, sound designer, and teaching artist, Frannie was worked with more than a dozen southeast Michigan theatres and schools. She has won numerous awards for her artistic and community work, and she has been featured in local, regional, national, and international media.