• StateraArts Mission: UPLIFT. AMPLIFY. ADVANCE. StateraArts takes positive action to bring women* into full and equal participation in the arts.

  • SWAN Day Mission: Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day is an annual international celebration of women’s creativity and gender parity activism. SWAN Day events must be consonant with the mission and intent of SWAN Day.

  • Timing: SWAN Day happens on the last Saturday in March. While your event does not need to happen on the actual day, please keep the event date within the February to April time-frame. Organizers of the SWAN Day Calendar may include January or May events at their discretion.

  • SWAN Calendar: To be officially recognized as a SWAN Day Event, you must submit your event to be included on the SWAN Day Calendar. Events will be reviewed and vetted. Once your event has been accepted for inclusion on the calendar, StateraArts will promote your event via our SWAN Calendar and social media outlets. This is a list service. Inclusion on the SWAN calendar is at the discretion of StateraArts.

  • Organizers: Support Women Artists Now Day/SWAN Day is an annual international celebration of women’s creativity and gender parity activism. In keeping with the spirit of SWAN Day, all events that identify under the SWAN Day logo must be initiated and executed by individuals who identify as women or non-binary, or teams that are at least 50% women.

  • Participants: Women artists are the focus of every SWAN event. And everyone is invited to help us create this new holiday. All are welcome. Gender parity activism is for everyone!

  • Responsibility: Statera provides the SWAN Day platform to empower organizers to lead their own events. The organization and execution of SWAN events is the responsibility of the organizer and independent of StateraArts, WomenArts, or WITASWAN. This ensures that organizers have complete agency over their content. It is the responsibility of the organizer to be in compliance with local laws and zoning regulations.

  • Funds: No application fees are required to create a SWAN Day event. All organizers are responsible for funding their own event. We’ve included some funding resources below as a courtesy. All events that identify under the SWAN Day logo must distribute at least 50% of any salaries or fees on the project to women artists or women-led arts organizations.

  • Be a good neighbor: SWAN day was created to create awareness and support for the work of women artists. StateraArts was founded on the principal of positive action: uplift, amplify, and advance women in the arts. Each organizer is responsible for their own content. Please keep it positive. All SWAN Day event organizers own their content and are responsible for their own use of that content.

StateraArts provides the following information as a courtesy. The list of resources below are currently connected to WomenArts. It is geared towards SWAN Day Organizers. If you’re looking for a larger more comprehensive resource list for artists, please visit Statera’s Resource Directory.

Information about Grants & Other Opportunities

  • Lists of Funding Sources – Find out which foundations are interested in your art form through our annotated lists of foundations and other agencies categorized by arts discipline.

  • Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to your questions about funding, the resources on this web site, starting a business, and more. Read More>>

Build Your Skills

  • Tips for Artists Starting Out – WomenArts’ former Director of Artist Services Deborah Steinberg offers a few tips about making a good impression on everyone you contact. Read more>>

  • Fundraising Basics – A short introduction to fundraising from individual donors by WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards. Read more>>

  • Publicity Basics – A short introduction to publicity techniques by WomenArts Executive Director Martha Richards. Read more>>

  • Do You Need a Fiscal Sponsor? – If you need non-profit status to be eligible for grants, you might want to use a fiscal sponsor instead of forming your own non-profit corporation. This article explains how fiscal sponsorships work, and it gives links to organizations that provide this service. Read more>>

  • Introduction to Crowdfunding – If you want to raise money for an arts project directly from your fans and supporters using the internet, crowdfunding is a great option. WomenArts’ former Director of Artist Services Deborah Steinberg provides an introduction to crowdfunding and an overview of two major crowdfunding sites. Read more>>

  • Kickstarter Success Stories – WomenArts interviewed 2 theatre companies and 2 film companies who shared their advice about how to use the crowdfunding website at Kickstarter.com successfully. Read more>>


Women: Statera recognizes the limiting nature of the binary use of woman. We serve and welcome anyone on the gender spectrum who identifies either always or some of the time as a woman. We also serve and welcome those who identify as nonbinary. 

Intersectionality: StateraArts works through an intersectional lens for gender parity. We understand and acknowledge that systems of oppression and discrimination are interdependent and span all social categorizations such as race, class, gender, ability, religion, parental status, size, age, and sexual orientation as they apply to a given individual or group. Addressing one spoke of systematic discrimination or disadvantage means holistically addressing them all.