Trans & Non-Binary Resources

Note: This is by no means an exhaustive list. If you would like to suggest organizations or resources to add to this list, please contact us at


StateraArts offers the resources listed below for both trans and gender nonconforming artists and also as educational tools for arts organizations, arts activists, and educators to bring to their communities. Thank you to Woodzick, Kevin Kantor, and Trystan Reece for consulting on this directory.


National Center for Transgender Equality

The National Center for Transgender Equality is the nation’s leading social justice advocacy organization, creating life-saving change for transgender people. The NCTE also provides resources for transgender people and allies. 

Project Am I Right

Actors for ethical representation in casting for stage and screen. Project Am I Right offers workshops, casting assistance, consultation, and other services.

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund

Founded in 2003, Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to end discrimination and achieve equality for transgender people, particularly those in our most vulnerable communities.

The Transgender Training Institute

TTI provides personal growth and professional development trainings that engage, inspire, and empower our participants. This includes onsite trainings, Ally/Advocate Training Camp, and the publication of the Teaching Transgender Tool Kit.

Trans Lab

A NYC-based fellowship for Trans & Gender Nonconforming theatre artists. Plays by trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) writers are a rarity in American theater. As transgender stories are co-opted, commercialized, and misrepresented by cisgender writers, Trans Lab fellowship supports the creation of a critical mass of TGNC plays by TGNC writers.


Believably Trans: Who Counts as Trans Onstage? by MJ Kaufman, Howlround

Debunking “Trans Women Are Not Women” Arguments by Julia Serano, Medium

Don’t Call me Ma’am: On the Politics of Trans Casting by MJ Kaufman, Howlround


The ABCs of LGBT+ by Ash Mardell

The ABCs of LGBT+ is a #1 Bestselling LGBT book and is essential reading for questioning teens, teachers or parents looking for advice, or anyone who wants to learn how to talk about gender identity and sexual identity.

Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us by Kate Bornstein

Gender Outlaw was decades ahead of its time when it was first published in 1994. Now, some twenty-odd years later, this book stands as both a classic and a still-revolutionary work—one that continues to push us gently but profoundly to the furthest borders of the gender frontier.

A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns by Archie Bongiovanni and Tristan Jimerson

Archie, a snarky genderqueer artist, is tired of people not understanding gender neutral pronouns. Tristan, a cisgender dude, is looking for an easy way to introduce gender neutral pronouns to his increasingly diverse workplace. The longtime best friends team up in this short and fun comic guide that explains what pronouns are, why they matter, and how to use them. 

Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg

Stone Butch Blues, Leslie Feinberg’s 1993 first novel, is widely considered in and outside the U.S. to be a groundbreaking work about the complexities of gender. The 20th Anniversary Author’s Edition of Stone Butch Blues is available as a free PDF copy here: Stone-Butch-Blues-by-Leslie-Feinberg.pdf 


Topics Include

Topics Include is an unapologetically trans podcast that seeks to create a space for trans people to gather through pro-Black, sex positive, and healing-informed conversations that are educational by accident and liberational by choice. It is hosted by Ianne Fields Stewart, L Morgan Lee, Samy Nour Younes, and Maybe Burke—four trans panelists who work at the intersection of art and activism.


A Short History of Trans People’s Long Fight for Equality, a TED Talk by Samy Nour Younes

“The Academy Wishes to Nominate Kevin Kantor”, a poem written and performed by Kevin Kantor

TOOLS & Directories

The Non-Binary Monologues Project

A data-base of monologues written for non-binary actors (actors whose identities lie outside the gender binary of male/female.)

Ring Of Keys

Ring of Keys is a national network of queer women, trans, and gender non-conforming artists working on and offstage in musical theatre.

Transgender Artsits Database

This database is maintained by Parity Productions and includes trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) playwrights, directors, and designers working in professional theatre in New York City.

Actors Theatre of Louisville Inclusive Casting Submission Breakdown

This language was crafted by Kevin Kantor and Emily Tarquin and can be used as a jumping off point to make your casting notices more inclusive: “In reference to the character descriptions below—most characters we encounter currently are on the binary and are written with he/him or she/her pronouns and you will see that in the following descriptions. But however limiting the descriptions are, our casting seeks to be as inclusive as possible and we invite gender non-conforming, genderqueer, transgender and non-binary actors to submit for the roles they most identify with. We will also list race/ethnicity when specific to the character but are otherwise seeking all races and ethnicities. Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or if there are any accommodations we can provide.”


Honest Accomplice Theatre - New York, NY

Honest Accomplice Theatre has a mission to generate dialogue and stimulate change by focusing on topics that are often silenced, seen as shameful, or portrayed as one-dimensional, specifically through the lens of the women and trans experience. To deliver on this mission, Honest Accomplice Theatre produces work by the community, with the community, and for the community.

Parity Productions - New York, NY

We love theatre. And as part of a thriving, vibrant industry, we believe in equal opportunity. So while Parity Productions is a formidable producer of new work, we also ensure that we fill at least 50% of the creative roles on our productions—playwrights, directors, and designers—with cis women and trans and gender nonconforming (TGNC) artists. In addition to producing our own work, we actively promote other theatre companies that follow our 50% hiring standard. Artistically, we develop and produce compelling new plays that give voice to individuals who rebel against their marginalized place in society. 

Reboot Theatre Company - Seattle, WA

Reboot Theatre Company tests new interpretations of established works through nontraditional casting, design, and methods yet to be discovered.

We are the Syndicate- New York, NY

The Syndicate is an ensemble theater company that produces new plays by women, queer, and trans artists. As an international network, The Syndicate seeks to expand professional opportunities in the field for both our members and fellow artists. Our work advocates for diversity, both in how we tell stories and whose stories we tell.

TransCreative - London, UK

Trans Creative aims to increase visibility and positive representation of transgender people will authentic transgender narratives. Transgender will work with and campaign for the trans community, educating wider society and creating better allies.

Trans Families

Biff & I

Biff Chaplow is a social worker and parent. He used to work with formerly-homeless individuals on Skid Row and now works full-time as a parent. Trystan Reese is a gay trans dad, working as a social justice professional. He gave birth to Leo Murray Chaplow on July 14th, 2017. Together, they are Biff and I. This website details their parenthood journey.

Birthing Beyond the Binary

Reproductive justice by and for queer & trans* people: resources, services, education, outreach, and community.

Cornerstone Doulas - Southern CA, Bay Area, Portland, OR

Cornerstone is a doula training program with a directory. With a strong commitment to inclusivity and social justice, this agency is at the forefront of a doula training revolution. This is a great resource for expecting parents who are trans and gender non—conforming.

FAQ about Transgender Parenting - Lambda Legal

This FAQ is from Lambda Legal, a national organization committed to achieving full recognition of the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV through impact litigation, education and public policy work.

2019 LGBTQ Family Building Guide

The 2019 LGBTQ Family Building Guide, provided by the Family Equality Council, is designed to help hopeful parents learn more about all approaches to family building and reproductive health for the LGBTQ community. All articles are written by experts in their fields, and the Guide is available to download or read online.

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves is a resource guide for transgender populations, covering health, legal issues, cultural and social questions, history, theory, and more. It is a place for up-to-date information on transgender life published by Oxford University Press.

Public Figures to Know & follow

Ada Karamanyan (she/her) - NYC-based casting director

Ash Mardel (they/them) - trans, queer YouTuber and author

Jen Richards (she/her) - actress, author, and advocate

Jinkx Monsoon - singer, performer, and advocate

Julie Serano (she/her) - trans author and advocate

Kate Bornstein (she/her/they/them)- trans, non-binary activist and author

Kevin Kantor (they/them) - poet, actor, and advocate

Maybe Burke (they/them) - actor, writer, and human rights advocate 

MJ Kaufman (they/them)- playwright and television writer

Miss Major (she/her) - transgender elder and activist

Samy Nour Younes (he/him) - transgender actor and activist

Trystan Reece (he/him) - transgender parent, speaker, and activist

Woodzick (they/them) - theatre artist, activist, and founder of The Non-Binary Monologues Project