What is "Statera Voices"?

"Statera Voices" is an op-ed series featured on the Statera Blog dedicated to reclaiming dominant culture narratives as a means towards intersectional gender balance in the theatre and beyond. "Statera Voices" is where we tell our stories, expand our histories, and celebrate each other. It is here that we join in a circle of mutual trust and support to share our thoughts and self-reveal on our own terms and in our own voices. 


Past contributors

Minita Gandhi

Erika Haaland

Rehana Lew Mirza

Sam White

Shelly Gaza

Maggie Hollinbeck

Melinda Pfundstein Vaughn


How can I become a contributor?

To publish an article for "Statera Voices", please send your submission to info@staterafoundation.org for review. Please also include a current bio and headshot.