Kiki Weset  |  Performance

Statera Foundation is excited to host the inaugural performance of, "The Red Thread", created and performed by Christine Jugueta and directed by Jacqueline Stone on Thursday, October 4, 2018. Christine will be joined by Belinda Yamate (Vocalist, Co-Producer), Emily Kneisler (Stage Manager, Production Assistant), Grover Hollway (Sound), Magdalena Sustere (Cellist, Bassist), Marcya Daneille (Vocalist), Mitch Shiner (Vibraphonist, Percussionist, Bassist), Penny Larson (Drummer, Percussionist), Stephanie Lippert (Keyboardist, Vocalist), and Kiki West (Videographer).

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About Kiki

Kiki West was born in Minnesota where she began making films as a very young child.  She quickly became interested in editing and special effects. At 12 years old, and heavily into “Star Wars”, one of the first effects Kiki started creating was rotoscoping lightsabers in short films. Since then, stop-motion Lego animations and green screens made of green sheets have been traded in for fancy programs and modern tools. But Kiki still holds on to that childhood essence of creativity. Inspired by music, visual art, nature and technology Kiki developed many unique ways to transform her dreams into visual representations.  In her junior year of high school she was accepted into Perpich Center for Arts Education where she completed high school in the media arts program, centered around photography and video. She continued her education at Columbia College Chicago where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Cinema Art and Science with two minors in Motion Graphics and in Animation, class of 2018.