UPLIFT. AMPLIFY. ADVANCE.  Statera takes positive action to bring women* into full and equal participation in the arts.


Statera, deriving its name from the Latin word for balance, normalizes a humane and holistic creative environment that nourishes innovation.


Positive, Inclusive, Intersectional, Relational, Balance, Curious / Inquiry, Compassion, Self Aware, Community / Collective


We directly serve marginalized populations working in the Arts sector, who self-identify as creators, educators, and administrators. We also serve the Art Consumer. 

StateraArts is working to uplift, amplify, and advance women* in the Arts, and is uniquely positioned to change the landscape of opportunity and equity in a sector where 70% of ticket-buyers are women. It is imperative that the stories we tell through the arts reflect the perspectives of the whole audience, and for everyone to see themselves reflected in agency and power.



  • Actively partner with arts organizations interested in creating greater opportunities for women.

  • Engagement for arts organizations interested in creating greater equity and inclusion in their hiring practices.

  • Connect hiring arts organizations with qualified candidates who identify as women through our membership program.

  • Research assessment concerning opportunities for artists who identify as women.

  • Advocate for better and more cohesive childcare options and family housing.

  • Support and partner with existing organizations that are also working for gender balance and pay equity in the Arts.

  • Education and engagement for training programs interested in creating greater gender equity within their boards, classrooms, theaters, and non-profits.


Statera International Conference for gender equity in the arts is an annual event. Conference is a unique opportunity to meet with theatre professionals from all over the country for three days of networking, learning, listening, socializing, experience-sharing, theatre-going, and more. The Statera conference is all about nourishing an environment of gender balance through the lens of intersectionality. Our goal is to take positive and strategic action to bring women* into full and equal participation in the Arts. For more information about conference, please visit www.stateraarts.org/conference.

StateraConI 2015 - Southern Utah University - Cedar City, UT

StateraConII 2017 - Denver Center for the Performing Arts - Denver, CO

StateraConIII 2018 - University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Milwaukee, WI

StateraConIV 2019 - City College of New York - New York, NY


Women: Statera recognizes the limiting nature of the binary use of woman. We serve and welcome anyone on the gender spectrum who identifies either always or some of the time as a woman. We also serve and welcome those who identify as non-binary. 

Intersectionality: StateraArts works through an intersectional lens for gender parity. We understand and acknowledge that systems of oppression and discrimination are interdependent and span all social categorizations such as race, class, gender, ability, religion, parental status, size, age, and sexual orientation as they apply to a given individual or group. Addressing one spoke of systematic discrimination or disadvantage means holistically addressing them all.